Thursday, February 10, 2011


Miss Lily has been having trouble sleeping this week. 
She goes through every excuse imaginable to get in and out of bed.
The conversation this evening (during multiple trips in and out of the bedroom) went something like this:
Lily - I need a drink
Me - You don't need a drink, you need to go back to bed.
Lily - I need a snack
Me - You are not eating this late, goodnight.
Lily - I need a hammer to fix this for you (a nail still up from Christmas decorations)
Me - It's OK, I will get it later, please go back to bed.
Lily - I want to change my pajamas, I don't like these.
Me - Lily! go to bed!
Lily - I have to go to the potty. 
Which is when this picture took place. You can see the defeated look on her face. 
She realizes this is the very last trip that is going to be tolerated. LOL

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